4 Long-Term Remodeling Projects to Prevent Winter Water Damage

A roof has leaves on it that have changed colors with a tape measure over top of the leaves.Have you started to notice any leaves changing colors? The days are already starting to shrink with darkness coming sooner and sooner. We know what that means - fall is on the way. Autumn brings along some unusual weather, including falling leaves and falling rain. To keep moisture out where it belongs - outside your home - there are a few tasks around the house you can take care of right now. Keep reading to learn about our top long-term remodeling projects that will help you stop water damage before it happens to your home. 

Tip #1: Update Your Windows

An open window is great at letting the cool air in and the hot air out. The trouble comes when you close the window, but you still feel air moving. This draft ends up costing you on your utility bill and ends up working your furnace even harder to replace the lost hot air. 

Your old window panes also let in moisture with the winter air. Condensation on your window leads to rot furthering the problem and the chance for more severe water damage. Begin by caulking the panes, but if possible, invest in new windows to prevent the most harm.

Tip #2: Keep Your Roof Strong

Your roof is a big contributor to water penetration. A solid roof installed by a professional team can last anywhere between 10 to 30 years. The key differences in roofs that live longer are the materials used, the weather conditions, and how often you maintain it. Letting a roof go without regular care leads to costly repairs inside and outside your home. Now is the perfect time to replace any missing or damaged shingles and clear out the gutters - if possible, clear the gutters now then again after the leaves drop. 

Tip #3: Replace Older Appliances

Daily tasks become easier with the standard appliances that help you out. Old, outdated models end up wasting time, electricity, and putting your home and family at risk of fire and water damage. When your appliances require constant maintenance and can’t serve you as well as they could, think about replacing them with newer models. Savings on your utility bills will be a nice bonus.

Tip #4: Patch up Any Problems in Your Foundation

Issues in your foundation can lead to structural problems throughout your home, creating the potential for water to seep inside your home. When the ground is cold, but not freezing, conditions are right to patch up any cracks or crumbling areas in your foundation. Get to these trouble spots quickly to avoid sinking floors or a wet basement this winter.

Proactive Maintenance will Save You Money

The areas above will help get you the most for your time and money to stop water damage this fall and winter. Any work you put in will help your home. Make sure to prioritize functional projects at this time over aesthetically pleasing ones. 

The Absolute Service team is here to help homes and businesses repair any water, fire, or mold damage. If you have any questions, click the above links for more relevant info or give us a call today at (248) 655-7100.

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