4 Short-Term Chores to Stop Water Damage this Fall

A older man and a young boy raked leaves into a wheelbarrow.Fall has come to Michigan again, and with it comes the chance to stop water damage from getting to your home. There are some easy steps you can take before the weather gets too cold that will keep your home safe. Whether on your roof or in your attic, you can stop the snow, freezing ice, and rains from getting inside. If you happen to miss any water damage, it can quickly lead to mold damage, requiring serious repairs and possibly impacting the health of your family.

At Absolute Service, our team has seen this happen too many times to count. To stop these bad things from happening, follow our short-term chores, you can do this fall. 

Check Your Roof for Damage

Check your roof for any new damage. Start with the shingles checking if any have become misshapen or detached. Spot replace any weird areas. The chimney is another good spot to check, especially the vent and any joints where seals may be disrupted. Replace any open vents with coverings to prevent animals, pets, or insects from getting into your house. 

Take Care of Your Gutters

Let’s move just off your roof to your gutters. Start by cleaning out any leaves, branches, or debris. This cleanup should get rid of any pools of water. Test how securely your gutters stick you your home. Make sure your downspouts empty water far enough from your home. When water collects near your house, especially during rain/thunderstorms or when the snow melts in the spring, water will surely get inside your home. Prevent this with downspouts pointed away from your building. 

Trim Any Trees on Your Property

Take a final walk around your home and take an honest look at the surrounding trees. Trees are great things to have on your property - their shade can reduce your heating bills and they usually increase your home’s value. But low hanging branches could cause problems. Trim branches that hang over your home. This trimming will prevent animals from getting into your home. Also, getting rid of dead branches now is much better than having them come crashing down during a snowstorm. 

Call in the Pros to Help with Fall Fix-ups

If you are physically unable to do any of these chores or you just don’t have the time, call up the professionals. Maintenance items always cost less than future repairs of bigger issues. Going through this list will help stop major water damage from getting to your home. An experienced team like Absolute Services also has the insights to make suggestions for how to keep your individual home dry and comfortable through the seasonal changes.

Schedule service today by giving us a call at (248) 655-7100.

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