Steps to Avoid Flooding and Water Damage This Spring

We have begun to round the corner of Winter and now have Spring on the horizon here in Michigan. The cold weather will cling on for a few more weeks (or months). Plus, the Spring rains will bring even more water into our neighborhoods and lives.

There are steps you can take to prevent flooding this Spring. Follow our guide below to keep your home dry and safe.

Remove Snow

Michigan will be sure to give us another snow surprise before the season ends. Clear the snow from immediately next to your house. The more chance it has to melt then freeze then melt again the higher the opportunity for water to seep inside.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Surely the winter brought branches, leaves, and all sorts of things onto your roof and into your gutter. Clogged gutters lead to water penetration on your roof (especially if there are any breaks in your shingles) and even along the walls. Wait for a bright, sunny day, set up the ladder, and clear out all the craziness that accumulated up there.

Make sure to clear out the downspouts while you are at it. The downspouts are another location for water to get stuck. To prevent water from running down into your home, point your downspouts about four feet from your home.

Caulk All Cracks

Look for cracks in the sidewalk, walkway, driveway, or foundation. These could all become major entrances for water to trickle inside your house. Stop the flow by closing the cracks with caulk. You can repave or add extra cement to the affected areas, all the better. But caulk will work for now.

Inspect All Drains

Take time to inspect your drains. Any drain clogs could cause water to back up into your basement. Flooding will lead quickly to water damage. If you can see any blockage, remove it. If the water takes to long to go down the drain, you may need to call in an experienced plumber.

Take the above steps can help you prevent the worst of the Spring flooding. If you have already had a flood, call the team at Absolute Service today to schedule a time to correct any water damage in your home.


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