The Spring Maintenance Steps to Protect Your Home

At this point, Michigan might be done with winter for the year. We can never be sure, but spring is (probably) here.

Spring brings with it the seasonal showers. Though the cold season was not unusually harsh this year, the cold temperatures still caused many people’s pipes to freeze and other problems that led to leaks or water damage. As houses stand up against the elements, they are bound to experience some cracks or other issues with leaks. Follow our maintenance guide below to protect your home from the worst water damage.

Step #1: Check Your Sump Pump

Many people wait to check their sump pump until it is too late and they have a flooded basement. Take a proactive step right away and check yours before the downpours begin. First, check the drain leading outside and clear away any clogged debris. Adjust the pump so it is stable and the float valve is in place. Then look to the electrical wires and batteries to make sure everything works.

Step #2: Drain and Clean Your Water Heater

Next up, clear the sediment from your water heater. To do this, drain the water from the tank, spray out anything left over, then begin to refill the tank. This process should take about an hour or two. If you are feeling unsure for any reason, call in the professionals to help give you peace of mind and a clean water heater.

Step #3: Test the Water Pressure

Check in on your water pressure. Low pressure may be a sign of a leak somewhere along the pipes. Turn on a faucet and let it run for a few minutes. If the water continues to flow out at a steady rate, no problem. If the pressure comes and goes or drops off, call plumbing experts to assess your pressure.

If you have taken the maintenance steps above, your home should be set up to cope with the spring rains. But remember, there are countless ways leaks can break into your home. If you notice a leak, especially if it has begun to cause damage, contact our team of water damage restoration professionals to have it quickly assessed and handled. Give us a call today at (248) 655-7100.

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