Tips to Handling Water Damage

As a homeowner, one of your worst fears is water damage. It can cause rotting wood, mold growth, rust, and much more. Before water damage gets too bad, here are a few tips on handling water damage immediately.

Clear The Area- When water damage is present, it’s important to clear the areas of any items to prevent further damage. A few tips to keep in mind when clearing your space:

  • Remember to dry off any items that have been impacted by water
  • Wipe off any excess water or wood furniture to prevent it from warping 
  • Remove wet upholstery and prop it up so it can dry out. 

Remove Excess Water- A crucial part of handling water damage is to remove as much excess water as possible as fast as you can. Waiting too long to treat the affected areas can cause more damage to even permanent damage. Mop and blot any excess water in the area and use a special wet/dry vacuum to soak up the extra water.

Call A Professional-  After you’ve cleared the area and mopped up the excess water, depending on the circumstance, the last step is to call a professional. The mold caused by water damage could put your family’s health at risk. Mold isn’t always visible and can sometimes be hidden which is where a professional can come in an address the situation. It’s important to realize that mold can develop very fast after water damage, so don’t hesitate to call as soon as possible. 

What Not to Do

Never leave any wet fabrics where they are as this could cause even more damage. Be sure to hang any rugs, furs or any removable fabrics away from the water damaged area. Never leave any colored items on wet carpet or floors as this can cause staining. Lastly, never enter an area with standing water as there could be potential electrical hazards. 

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