Expert Fire Damage Repair Services in Macomb, MI

Fire is extremely damaging to buildings and homes, and can be caused by various events. According to the National Fire Protection Association ("NFPA"),home fires in 2016 in the United States topped 352,000, resulting in 2,735 civilian deaths and 10,750 injuries.

  • Kitchen appliances or accidents
  • Electrical appliances and writing
  • Lightning strikes
  • Wildfires
  • Arson
  • Smoking
  • Children or adults playing with fire

If your home or building has fire damage, you need expert help to repair it. Fire restoration services like Absolute Services of Ferndale can help remediate fire damage throughout your property.

Fire Damage Services

Depending on the severity of the fire damage, a restoration service may perform the following steps:

  • Inspection and fire damage assessment
  • Immediate board-ip and roof tarp service 
  • Water removal and drying
  • Removal of smoke and soot from all surfaces
  • Cleaning and repair
  • Restoration

Professional Fire Damage Repair

Fire restoration requires special training and equipment in order to remove or restore furniture, clothing, and other personal items. Fire may compromise windows, roofs, ceilings, floors, and walls. Placing a tarp over a damaged roof and boarding up broken windows can prevent further damage to the home or business. Water removal will be undertaken immediately if necessary, and dehumidifiers and fans placed to remove remaining water and dry materials as much as possible. Special equipment will be used to remove smoke and soot from surfaces, and cleaning and sanitizing will ensure the property is safe when people, animals, or employees are allowed to return. Finally, complete restoration of the property will take place in order to restore it to pre-fire condition, including:

  • Drywall replacement
  • Painting
  • New carpet installation
  • Room reconstruction

Smoke Damage Repair

Smoke damage repair requires specialized equipment and personal protective equipment ("PPE") in order to keep the cleaners safe. Smoke can travel throughout a building even if the actual fire area was relatively small. Walls, carpet, furniture, drapes, clothing, and mattresses may absorb the smoke and have to be thoroughly cleaned or replaced entirely. Allowing fresh air to circulate through the building as soon as possible can help clear any residual smoke and minimize odor. The fire remediation service will dry all wet items prior to cleaning smoke odor from them. Fans and dehumidifiers will be used after any fire and water damage combination has been cleaned up.

Soot Damage Cleanup

Soot can be cleaned from walls using basic cleaning equipment if the fire was non-toxic. However, the types of burned materials will dictate what type of cleaners need to be used; this is best left to a fire remediation services company. Dry soot will be removed first, using a HEPA filter high-powered vacuum. If there is a lot of soot in the building or home with fire damage, do the following while waiting for the fire remediation service to arrive:

  • Don’t touch anything in the affected rooms prior to inspection
  • Always wear PPR such as gloves, masks, and clothing covering skin while in the room/s
  • Keep room/s properly ventilated to avoid inhalation of soot
  • Clear unnecessary debris following inspection to make cleanup easier

Best Fire Remediation Services Near Macomb

Fire remediation services and employees require in-depth training, including interactive training with live instructors, hands-on activities, and Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration ("IICRC") Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician certification. Absolute Services is the best fire remediation company in Southeast Michigan. Contact our fire remediation and restoration experts today, and get started on your home or business repairs.