Rescue Your Belongings with Immediate Content Restoration and Pack Out Services in Sterling Heights, MI

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When disaster strikes, you need a team that understands the importance of diligently handling and cataloging the contents of your property.

Not only is our team highly-experienced in handling valuables and other damaged belongings, we are insurance claim experts.

We know the correct processes for cataloging and documenting your damaged property for the purposes of filing a successful claim.

From Single-Family Homes to Large Commercial Properties, We Can Pack Out & Store Any Amount of Belongings with Complete Care

Absolute Services has provided contents restoration services for a wide range of property types, including private homes, apartment buildings, condos, schools, brick-and-mortar stores, manufacturing facilities, and many more.

We Handle All Aspects of Contents Restoration

  • Pack-out of all contents
  • Barcode assisted inventory
  • Documentation of loss and damage
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Odor elimination
  • Complete restoration of assets
  • Assistance in insurance claims
  • And more

Our proven process will help ensure that your belongings are safely stored, categorized and documented properly for insurance purposes, as well as the preservation of your sentimental and valuable belongings.

Between thoroughly cleaning and restoring your belongings, and treating each piece of property with care, we work hard to remove every trace that a fire or floor ever occurred.

If you’ve been through a fire or flood, let us help to put your mind at ease with our contents packing and restoration services. Call (248) 655-7100 now, we're available 24 hours a day to protect your property!

"Absolute Services really helped me through a difficult time...
After my house caught fire I had no idea what to do. The team at Absolute guided me through the insurance claim process and carefully packed all of my belongings to be cleaned and restored. I can't thank them enough!"*
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